Web Hosting FAQ

2014-10-08 2:42 pm

Web Hosting FAQ

What is a Web Server?

Web servers are what we need to be able to have our websites on the internet. They are lots of different powerful computers housed together in one place. This place is called a data center. This is an air conditioned building maintained to the highest standards by the companies that own them. The servers are connected to very efficient fault tolerance high speed internet.


Web servers handle thousands of requests a second. It then returns the information back at a rapid rate which enables a person looking at a website to get the information they wanted very quickly.


If a web hosting company server is not working then your site will be down and no one will be able to see it. So it’s vital for web hosting companies to have servers working. All our top 10 have at least 99.9% uptime which is great so there is no real worry.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website for example our domain name is www.reviewtop10webhostingsites.com You have to have a domain name to set you aside from all the other websites in the world so it will be unique. You can’t have the same domain as anyone else but it can be similar. Eg. www.seriousmuscles.com You could just put a number at the end like seriousmuscles100.com.


The www stands for” World Wide Web” and is standard on any domain name and instead of .com (Which is American) at the end you can have .co.uk (United Kingdom) .net .org or many more these are known as TLD’s and the choice is yours it depends if you want just your country or the bigger world to view your website.

What is a Control Panel?

A control panel is what we use to control the settings of our website. You will get one with which ever web hosting company you sign up with. There are many types of control panels it just depends on which web hosting company you sign up to.


The best one is the #1 cPanel which is used by a lot of web hosting companies this is a real pleasure to use, you can find out which companies use this in my reviews.


We can use our control panels to add, remove or edit our email accounts, you can modify your files, set up auto-responders, manage your databases and do much more. It gives you complete control of your website.

Is Cheap Web Hosting ok?

Cheap web hosting is defiantly ok. As you can see a lot of the companies we have in our top 10 have great prices but offer you a great service with loads of features and super bonuses. But you need to be careful, we have chosen web hosting companies that have matched up to a lot of tests carried out by our team. These are companies that have forged a reputation over many years and can back up what they say.


We don’t want to be going with someone who offers you the best price and all the freebees you could ever want but they have the worst uptime you could imagine (remember no uptime means your website is not being seen). The companies in our top 10 host millions of domains between them so are established credible web hosting companies with great reputations they also offer great deals and this is what we want.

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