Understanding Web Hosting And Its Functions

2014-09-24 2:14 pm

Everything you see online is running from a base somewhere in the world. All those webpages that come up after making a query on search engines do not appear out of nowhere. If you notice the address or URLs that you use in order to pull up a page, then you would know that these sites belong to a certain place or group.

Understanding Web Hosting And Its Functions

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Think of them as a row of houses in the suburbs. Each home has a certain address and they all belong to a town or city. Similarly, these online pages have individual links that are stored in one provider. This is what Web hosting is basically all about. Every time you click on a hyperlink or a URL, the server responds and then presents you the page that you are looking for. You can think of the Web host as a hard drive in your computer where files and folders are being stored except that it is Internet-based.

A hosting service also comes in various types based on the packages offered, which include the following:

  • Shared. Under this category, a number of websites reside in one server. In order to keep them separate, each online page is kept in partitions or sections. This is considered as an economical option since overall costs of maintenance are divided equally among the owners.
  • Dedicated. This is where a client leases an entire server, which means that an organisation has complete control over the storage disk, the hardware, and operating system. More often, it is kept in data centres or colocation facilities that have redundant power supply and cooling equipment.
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  • Reseller. With this classification, the account owner has the option to allot a space of the hard drive to host other websites in behalf of the service provider. Usually, the reseller purchases a wholesale package and then, sells them to clients.

Aside from these, there is free Web, managed, cloud, clustered, grid, and home server. Which one should you choose? Well, you can rely on the hosting company to advise you on a suitable package. What you need to do now is select the right provider by reading through reviews that you can easily find on this website. Doing so will help you make an informed decision.

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