Five steps on how to set up a Website Hosting Account

2014-10-08 3:15 pm
how to set up a Website Hosting

To display your site over the internet you will have to own a website hosting account. Such an account will maintain servers which store customer files. The files will be displayed in the browser when an user will type the address of your site. There are a lot of large or small companies which provide website hosting services. Before managing to set up your web hosting account, you should take the time to understand all the various features and shop a little bit around to compare reliability and service.

 how to set up a Website Hosting Account

1. Try to determine your site hosting necessities. Items to be taken into consideration will include the size of your site, whether or not you have a database, number of e-mail accounts needed and whether or not you will be selling any products online.

2. Try to compare web hosting companies. You should always evaluate reliability, e-mail accounts, server space, customer supports, site traffic reports or any included extras. You may also want to take a look at any extra services offered like SSL certificates, domain name registration, shopping carts, forums or blogs.

3. Open a site hosting account and choose a hosting plan. Web hosting companies will provide a few different plans for accommodating distinct hosting necessities. Try to create an account online or by getting in touch with the company over the phone. Try to compare their payment options because some of the companies will provide a discount if you will manage to pay one year in advance instead of monthly.

4. Go the company`s website, set up your new web hosting account and log into your hosting account. Follow the instructions of the web hosting company for setting up and activating your account. It may take up to twenty four hours before you will be able to upload your files to the server.

5. Upload the files to the server by using a file transfer protocol program (FTP) for transferring the files to the web hosting`s server. Access your site to be able to confirm that you have managed to transferred all of your files or images.

These basic steps should be able to help you set up an account with a web hosting company. If you feel you may need more information about this particular topic, you can always try do some more research on this specific subject. A basic research which should not take more than a couple of minute will most likely get you the needed in-depth info.

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