How to find good Web Hosting

2014-10-19 10:16 am

How should I choose the best web hosting that would fit my needs? That is the question I will try to answer here. There are tons of resources with web hosting links and thousands of search engine results when you ask google or any other major search engine.

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I belive that the best recommendation you can get is opinion about the host from the current user. In most websites with web hosting reviews you will find just a few words how great all hosting companies are with refferal link of the author. This websites are there only to redirect to hosting company websites and earn a few bucks for reffering you.

So where should you look for real web hosting reviews? There are a few good places. You may try to look for blogs, forums, usnet groups but it is hard to find many opionions about one host. And one opinion is not always right.

In this place I can recommend you “Review Top 10 Web Hosting Sites” website. It is great place where you can read not only description of host with writer rating. But you can read real users opinions collected in one thread as well! You may be sure that host is popular when you see many users subscribed to the thread and you may be sure that all of them can’t be paid for reviews! And you may leave you feedback if you will decide to go and buy choosen hosting account to help others!

Additionaly you may find host that would fit your specific needs just by clicking TAGS with host features on the right side of this website. Check it out – you will see that it is only place you need to find really good hosting solution!

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