Knowing How To Use The Web Hosting Control Panel In Yahoo Sitebuilder

2014-10-08 3:27 pm
Knowing How To Use The Web Hosting Control Panel In Yahoo Sitebuilder

Website designer programs have been really developed in the past several years, as their makers have implemented more and more features than ever before. In present days, most programs for website design come with a wide variety of features, which will include file upload programs that will allow us to access the back door of the web server which the website is being hosted by.

Web Hosting Control Panel in Yahoo Sitebuilder

1. Start the application by making a left-click on the application icon. If you don`t own a copy of this program, you will be able to get a free copy by simply making a quick research online.

2. Access the web host control panel by scrolling to the “Tools” tab located on the command bar and then choose “Web Hosting Control Panel.”

3. At this point you may sign in to the web hosting control. After the control panel is open, you may use your username and password designated by you and then press “Okay.”

4. Under the web hosting control panel there will be a few options. The “Home” tab will allow you to be able to view your website traffic on a daily basis as well as your detailed traffic. The “E-mail” tab will allow you to set up any additional e-mail addresses which will be linked to your the URL of your website, by simply making a click on the “Add an E-mail Address” tab and filling out a few basic fields. The “Create & Update” tab will allow you to add essential website tools such as adding easy file management tools, providing a wide variety of beginner learning resources and implementing a WordPress blog. The “Manage” tab will allow you to add as well as remove files from the server of the website, sub domains, pages or password protect specific domains, as well as create online snapshot backups of your entire website.

5. You can use the “Promote” tab for submitting the URL of your website to most major search engines with one single click, send a what is called “grand opening,” website launch e-mail as well as create a Yahoo local listing for your entire website. The “Help” tab will contain a specific help menu for assisting your with anything you might need to know about the functions of the web hosting control panel. In the end, the “Index” tab will offer an alphabetical index of all functions offered in the web hosting control panel.

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