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Hostgator Discount: get affordable webhosting
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Hostgator is a privately owned webhosting company that was founded in 2002 and has a reputation for providing customers with great customer support and offering amazing deals every now and then on any of the three webhosting packages they offer. Here we will talk a little more about the hostgator discount and how you can go about finding a good deal with this company.

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Hostgator Discount: The deals they offer

Currently, you can find a hostgator discount right on the webhosts website. This hosgator discount offers new customers a 20% discount on any of the three webhosting packages they offer. The first web host package they offer is the hatchling. The hatchling web host package offers customers unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 24 hour support, a 45 day money back guarantee if unsatisfied with their service, no contract signing, instant back-ups, free site building tools and a guarantee of 99.9% up-time. The price for this package is just 3.96$ a month, not counting the 20% off hostgator discount.

hostgator discount

The next web hosting package they offer is called the Baby package. This package offers customers unlimited disk space, domains and bandwidth, 24 hour support, 45 day money back guarantee, 99,9% up-time, no contract signing, instant back-ups and free site building tools. The price for this package is 6.36$ a month, not including the 20% off hostgator discount. The final web hosting package offered is the business plan package. This package features unlimited disk space, domains, and bandwidth, as well as a free toll-free phone number. This package also features a free dedicated IP, private SSL, 45 day money back guarantee, 24 hour support, free site building tools, 99,9% up-time, no contract signing and free back-ups. This price of this plan is 10.36$ a month, not including the hostgator discount.

Hostgator Discount: Why they’re the best

If you’re interested in a hostgator discount, you can also find coupons for amazing deals on packages on websites that focus on web hosting reviews. The hostgator discount can help those interested in finding an affordable web host and with this web hosts 45 day money back guarantee, there isn’t much to lose by trying them out. For more information on this web host you can take a look at a hostgator review for in-depth information from customers that have had experience with the company.

Some major reasons for trying out a hostgator discount are due to their large variety of hosting services that are available.  Hostgator offer the VPS hosting, the reseller hosting as well as the dedicated servers available for an affordable price. Another reason to try out a hostgator discount is that this web host lives up to it’s promise of providing their customers with 24 hour a day seven days a week customer support, via live chat, email or toll-free number. You are also able to submit a help ticket and have a staff member email you to follow-up with the issue. For those members that are new to owning and running their own website, the 24 hour support is something that can be helpful in getting their new websites started and customer ready. Hostgator also has easy to use site building tools that can have your new website up and running within minutes.

Trying out a hostgator discount can give you the chance to try out all of the free 500 tutorials available on the hosgator website. These tutorials are designed for those new to using the web hosts cpanel, setting up business emails and how to use the new site building tools provided.

hostgator discount

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Hostgator Discount: Where to find the best deals

A hostgator discount can come in the form of a discount code, the major discount codes being for deals such as 20% off package prices, 25% hostgator discount off of package prices and the last offer for a month discounted free for the web hosts business plan package. This hostgator discount is for a one-time 9.94$ deal. The 20% off hostgator discount is with a 12 month service subscription and does not apply to those customers that sign up for the monthly billing option.

For more information on hostgator discounts, you can look on the hostgator website for their 20% off offer for new customers only, or you can visit hostgator forums and review sites that have special limited time offers featured.

Check out this month’s deals they are offering

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How to find good Web Hosting
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How should I choose the best web hosting that would fit my needs? That is the question I will try to answer here. There are tons of resources with web hosting links and thousands of search engine results when you ask google or any other major search engine.

How to find good Web Hosting.jpg

I belive that the best recommendation you can get is opinion about the host from the current user. In most websites with web hosting reviews you will find just a few words how great all hosting companies are with refferal link of the author. This websites are there only to redirect to hosting company websites and earn a few bucks for reffering you.

So where should you look for real web hosting reviews? There are a few good places. You may try to look for blogs, forums, usnet groups but it is hard to find many opionions about one host. And one opinion is not always right.

In this place I can recommend you “Review Top 10 Web Hosting Sites” website. It is great place where you can read not only description of host with writer rating. But you can read real users opinions collected in one thread as well! You may be sure that host is popular when you see many users subscribed to the thread and you may be sure that all of them can’t be paid for reviews! And you may leave you feedback if you will decide to go and buy choosen hosting account to help others!

Additionaly you may find host that would fit your specific needs just by clicking TAGS with host features on the right side of this website. Check it out – you will see that it is only place you need to find really good hosting solution!

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Knowing How To Use The Web Hosting Control Panel In Yahoo Sitebuilder
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Website designer programs have been really developed in the past several years, as their makers have implemented more and more features than ever before. In present days, most programs for website design come with a wide variety of features, which will include file upload programs that will allow us to access the back door of the web server which the website is being hosted by.

Web Hosting Control Panel in Yahoo Sitebuilder

1. Start the application by making a left-click on the application icon. If you don`t own a copy of this program, you will be able to get a free copy by simply making a quick research online.

2. Access the web host control panel by scrolling to the “Tools” tab located on the command bar and then choose “Web Hosting Control Panel.”

3. At this point you may sign in to the web hosting control. After the control panel is open, you may use your username and password designated by you and then press “Okay.”

4. Under the web hosting control panel there will be a few options. The “Home” tab will allow you to be able to view your website traffic on a daily basis as well as your detailed traffic. The “E-mail” tab will allow you to set up any additional e-mail addresses which will be linked to your the URL of your website, by simply making a click on the “Add an E-mail Address” tab and filling out a few basic fields. The “Create & Update” tab will allow you to add essential website tools such as adding easy file management tools, providing a wide variety of beginner learning resources and implementing a WordPress blog. The “Manage” tab will allow you to add as well as remove files from the server of the website, sub domains, pages or password protect specific domains, as well as create online snapshot backups of your entire website.

5. You can use the “Promote” tab for submitting the URL of your website to most major search engines with one single click, send a what is called “grand opening,” website launch e-mail as well as create a Yahoo local listing for your entire website. The “Help” tab will contain a specific help menu for assisting your with anything you might need to know about the functions of the web hosting control panel. In the end, the “Index” tab will offer an alphabetical index of all functions offered in the web hosting control panel.

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