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10 Things You Look For In a Web Hosting Service
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Looking for the right web hosting service is not easy, but it is an important decision to make because the success of your own website is going to depend on this. If you choose a right partner, you can make sure that your website is going to be a winning one. When you go shopping for your web hosting service, keep in mind these 10 different features:

  1. Unlimited Disk Space: Disk space determines the amount of data and information you will be allowed to put into your website. With unlimited disk space, you can upload unlimited text, photographs, videos and documents.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth: With unlimited disk space, there should be unlimited bandwidth, so that the rate at which your files are transferred to another user accessing it through the web, is fast and reliable.
  3. Unlimited Websites: This means that in case you need to upload another website in the internet, you can simply use your existing web host, and not worry about having to get an extra one.
  4. cPanel: This is easiest way to customize your page, from your end. It allows you better control and more power.
  5. Free Migration: Moving from your old hosting service to the new one is not simple, but if your new web hosting service is going to offer free migration services, then you can enjoy a smooth transition.
  6. Increased Uptime Guarantee: Uptime is the rate or time that your site is up, and available for people to see. When a site is down, you lose readership and you want to have about 99.99% uptime, all the time.
  7. Constant Backups: In case anything goes wrong, there should always be something that you can turn to that will make things happen.
  8. Short-term Contracts: Long-term contracts are good and cheap but they are unreliable, especially if you are employing a service for the first time. Short-term monthly contracts are better, because if you are unhappy, you can easily cut the service and move on to the next.
  9. 24/7 Customer Support: Unless you are adept with enough technical knowledge, you will really need a good support that is ready to help you, when anything goes wrong.
  10. Variety of Packages: So that you do not have to go anywhere else, it nice to find a company that will be able to offer you a number of different packages to choose from.

 10 Things You Look For In a Web Hosting Service


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How to Choose a Good Hosting Provider
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Whether you are a business owner who has decided to jump start into internet marketing or a person trying to establish an online presence and credibility, you surely know that a website is first and foremost what you need to get started. Now that the internet has widely become a popular marketplace and business platform, there are just too many things that you can do with it, which is why website owners are always on the lookout for something better and innovative. If you are planning on having your own website, you need to know the essential components that will make it happen.

The first component to think about – hosting. After you have come up with a website name or domain, you think of your targeted keywords, niche and everything that has to do with how you will make your website a good-looking one and how it can reach a good number of hits and views. Make sure you are not forgetting that you also need to find a good web host for your site. There are several factors to consider, and below are some of the points to think about on how to choose a good hosting provider:

Try Before You Buy

This is highly recommended, especially if you do not have any idea when it comes to hosting providers. Companies usually offer free trials, and you should very well take advantage of that opportunity to see if you can feel comfortable and easy with the provider. Don’t forget to check out their dashboard, control panel and interface for users. These key features should ideally be easy to use and navigate so you won’t have a hard time familiarizing yourself with it.

Ask About the Bandwidth and Disk Space

When choosing for the right hosting provider, you also need to ask how much disk space and bandwidth goes with your package or plan. Although major companies normally offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, you need to first see the fine print of it to make sure that you are getting what you have paid for. Before you choose and sign up, make it a note to ask about the specifics first to avoid confusion and misunderstanding at some point.

Make sure no hidden fees are hidden

No one likes surprise hidden fees, obviously. This is one of the most common complaints when it comes to choosing a hosting provider, and you should definitely be aware of it so you can avoid it from happening anytime soon. After you have learned about what you will be getting, ask about what’s not included with the package as those are usually where hidden fees are coming from. A good example would be to specifically ask if specific eCommerce applications are already included or will it cost you extra.

How good is their customer service?

As mentioned, you definitely want the best, and to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Don’t forget that as a customer, you also need to be assured that you will be provided a quality customer service every time you need it. If you are a newbie, the more that you will have to speak with representatives more often. Make sure they will extend help in any way possible. This also goes the same when it comes to technical support – it should be as reliable as it can be while you are still in the process of getting acquainted with your new web host.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting
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The shared hosting is one of the most popular forms of web hosting. It is very popular because it’s cheap and allows anyone to host a website. It’s definitely a much better option than free hosting. But which are the real advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Some of the shared hosting advantages include:

– the low price: shared hosting is cheap, if you need relaible hosting and you don’t have too much to spend, shared hosting is the way to go

– great customer support: many shared hosting providers offer top customer service;

– cPanel, PHP, MySQL databases and lots of extra features which are normally not available in a free version;

The shared hosting disadvantages are:

– lower security level: because many websites are sharing the same server, your website could be affected as well;

– the server resources are limited, if someone uses too much CPU, once the server goes down, your website goes down

Make sure you also check the best shared web hosting providers we recommend for you.

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Understanding Web Hosting And Its Functions
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Everything you see online is running from a base somewhere in the world. All those webpages that come up after making a query on search engines do not appear out of nowhere. If you notice the address or URLs that you use in order to pull up a page, then you would know that these sites belong to a certain place or group.

Understanding Web Hosting And Its Functions

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Think of them as a row of houses in the suburbs. Each home has a certain address and they all belong to a town or city. Similarly, these online pages have individual links that are stored in one provider. This is what Web hosting is basically all about. Every time you click on a hyperlink or a URL, the server responds and then presents you the page that you are looking for. You can think of the Web host as a hard drive in your computer where files and folders are being stored except that it is Internet-based.

A hosting service also comes in various types based on the packages offered, which include the following:

  • Shared. Under this category, a number of websites reside in one server. In order to keep them separate, each online page is kept in partitions or sections. This is considered as an economical option since overall costs of maintenance are divided equally among the owners.
  • Dedicated. This is where a client leases an entire server, which means that an organisation has complete control over the storage disk, the hardware, and operating system. More often, it is kept in data centres or colocation facilities that have redundant power supply and cooling equipment.
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  • Reseller. With this classification, the account owner has the option to allot a space of the hard drive to host other websites in behalf of the service provider. Usually, the reseller purchases a wholesale package and then, sells them to clients.

Aside from these, there is free Web, managed, cloud, clustered, grid, and home server. Which one should you choose? Well, you can rely on the hosting company to advise you on a suitable package. What you need to do now is select the right provider by reading through reviews that you can easily find on this website. Doing so will help you make an informed decision.

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Secrets To Creating Sought After Blog
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“Social Media integrates technology, social interaction, and content creation using the “wisdom of crowds” to collaboratively connect online.” – HowTo.gov. It is through this medium that people from all over the globe are allowed to create, organise, edit or share thoughts and ideas. Simply put, these individuals connect. Now, this Web-based engine has many forms including blogs. You can consider this type of website as a diary where an author posts regular entries on just about any topic. If you happen to be a blogger yourself, you probably know the number of people who are doing the exact same thing. That is why you need to stand out in order to generate traffic to your online page. But, how can you do this with panache?

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  • Keep content simple, yet interesting. Most Internet users scan a webpage instead of dwelling too much on its contents. For that reason, you need to create paragraphs that are easy to understand. You can throw in jargon or complex words occasionally, but keep it to a minimum.
  • Create your article in an inverted pyramid style. That means you start it with the conclusion and then move down from there. Doing so can help hold your reader’s interest longer.
  • Use line breaks. When discussing a complicated topic, break them into sections instead of uploading it in one post that could freeze the brain. This way, your article will be more readable.
  • Add relevant links. Although you must show authority over your topics, you need to associate with valuable sources as well. Through these external links, you will be able to demonstrate how thorough you were about topic research.
  • Blog to someone else’s site. This may seem like an illogical move, but it is one way to increase your exposure. That is because with every article you post, you can entice people to visit your website through back links. You can think of it as a form of affiliate marketing.

Well, now that you know the secrets to becoming a highly sought-after blogger, you should consider revamping your old one or start a better website. Of course, you must have a reliable hosting provider to get you the online connectivity that you need. You can make your search easier by reading host reviews on this website now.

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Broadband Plans And Webhosting
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Popularised through the nineties as a marketing term for internet access, broadband was a term that was quite frequently misunderstood due to it being a relative term, but nowadays can be seen as a high speed internet service, one that’s capable of supporting multiple computers simultaneously without interrupting the telephone line, quite unlike the dialup connections that many of us were accustomed to not that long ago. There are plenty of providers of this indispensable service, though the area in which one lives obviously plays a major role in regards to how many are available to the person in question. As most of us would be aware, the World Wide Web contains millions if not billions of websites and in order for these sites to be accessible they must be hosted by a webhost, of which there are also seemingly millions. As there are so many about, and admittedly so many of them seem so similar, it can be difficult to ascertain which webhost to trust a website to unless one has already been recommended but fortunately, there are quite a few sites that specialise in nonbiased reviews which can help those struggling to make a decision make the right one. Many people also struggle in regards to finding suitable broadband plans in their area as there are also so many, but should they look for one that also provides VoIP (Voice over IP) services, they’ll have already narrowed their search down considerably as not all provide both these increasingly indispensable services.

VoIP has been in use for some time now though obviously not to the extent it is at present, nor at the extent it will be at in a few years time as it’s undeniable that this technology will increase exponentially in popularity over the following years as more and more people realise just how dynamic it is and just how affordable staying in touch with friends and family can be. In comparison to PSTN or public switched telephone networks, VoIP service providers offer remarkably affordable phone calls and an increasingly impressive coverage network so it’s quite unlikely that this technology is just another passing fad. There’s nothing faddish about the leading webhosts as most of them have been about for some time now and show no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. When looking at reviews of the leading webhosts one of the first things to look at is the amount of uptime they offer, this being the amount of time that a website is accessible on the internet. As VoIP is now accessible throughout most of the country there’s no time like the present to have a look at how affordable telecommunications can be from leaders in the field like Engine. There’s also no time like the present to find out just how forthcoming leading webhosts are in regards to customer support as this is another aspect of webhosting that should be delved into further, just like the extras broadband and VoIP providers offer as enticements.

Broadband Plans And Webhosting

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